Garrick Theatre

Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0HH

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Twelve Angry Men

Booking until 14 June 2014

Reginald Rose’s Twelve Angry Men makes its long awaited West End debut at the Garrick Theatre some 60 years after it was originally written. Set in New York, the plot centres on 12 jurors in a murder trial who are called on to deliberate whether or not a slum dwelling young boy is guilty of murdering his father. If the boy is found guilty he will be sentenced to death. Robert Vaughn and Martin Shaw star in the show.

Twelve Angry Men

Box Office


Face Value Description Phone
£52.50 Saturday Matinee - Top Price Tickets 0844 482 9673
£52.50 London Theatre Month - Top Price Tickets 0844 482 9673
£42.50 London Theatre Month - Second Price Tickets 0844 482 9673
Face Value Price Description
£52.50 £29.99save 43% London Theatre Month - Top Price TicketsValid Monday -Thursday performances from 14 April to 7 June 2014. Book between 12 April and 30 May 2014
£52.50 £51.00save 3% Saturday Matinee - Top Price TicketsValid Saturday Matinee performances 17 March - 7 June 2014
£42.50 £22.99save 46% London Theatre Month - Second Price TicketsValid Monday - Thursday performances from 14 April to 7 June 2014. Book between 12 April and 30 May 2014

Box Office Contacts

Box Office:
0844 482 9673
Access Booking:
0844 412 4648
Group Booking:
0844 412 4650
Stage Door:
020 7520 5690

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The Garrick Theatre was the first British theatre to be named after an actor (David Garrick) and opened in April 1889 with The Profligate. Whilst the theatre was being built, an underground river was discovered which almost halted the completion of the building.

The Garrick was known in its early years for its presentation of melodramas and comedies, including A Pair of Spectacles (1890) which ran at the theatre for around five years. The Notorious Mrs Ebbsmith followed in 1895 and was considered to be rather controversial for its time due to themes of social radicalism and free love.

Other notable early productions included The Wedding Guest (1900), a number of stage works by Rutland Barrington such as Water Babies (1902) and owner W.S Gilbert’s production The Fairy’s Dilemma (1904).

Some years later Walter Greenwood’s Love On The Dole (1935) proved a roaring success at the theatre, with the venue continuing strong throughout World War II with productions of Warn That Man (1941), Aren’t Men Beasts (1942), She Follows Me About (1943) and Madame Louise (1945).

The 50’s-60’s saw productions of To Dorothy a Son (1951), a two year run of Fings Aint Wot They Used T’Be (1960) and a number of Brian Rix productions including Stand By Your Bedouin and Don’t Just Lie There Say Something.

No Sex Please, We’re British (1982) enjoyed a successful four year run at the theatre from 1982 and the National Theatre’s An Inspector Calls ran at the theatre for 6 years from 1995.

So far the 21st Century has seen productions of This is Our Youth (2002), One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (2006), Bad Girls: the Musical (2007), Treats starring Billie Piper (2007), The Hurly Burly Show (2011) and Pygmalion (2011).

From 2011 the Garrick hosted a number of musicals; Chicago closed at the theatre in 2012 following a 15 year run on the West End, new musical Loserville opened and swiftly closed in 2012 and Rock of Ages ran at the theatre for almost nine months, before closing in November 2013.

Reginald Rose’s Twelve Angry Men opens at the Garrick Theatre in November 2013.


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