28 Nov 2014

Sleeping Booty Leicester Square Theatre

The first time I learned that Adult Panto was even a “thing” was earlier this year when my good friend Kate told me she had been cast as “Pussy” in 18+ only “Pussy in Boots.” Shocked and amused as I was, I kind of get the niche, so I was very excited to be invited to Sleeping Booty at the Leicester Square Theatre!

Arriving at the theatre at 7pm, I do wish I had had a couple of shots of tequila before the show started so I was well lubricated before being hit with a barrage of glitter and blow up tits! The eager cast soon warmed me up though and I was quickly in the panto sprit (it is a strange feeling when “he’s behind you” is a warning to a sexually charged fairy with a fabulous but fearsome drag queen and her pet dragon are approaching.)

Sleeping Booty

The “plot” was penned by Stuart Saint, loosely based on the fabled story of Sleeping Beauty (see what he did there.) Instead of an innocent princess, “Booty” is a strange half chav/half rah stripper with a love of cock. Totally fine. Alice Marshall brought some gusto and some sexy “vibez” to the role but was more beauty than booty – she perhaps could have used some padded undies?! Credit to her as an actress though; I didn’t realise she had been the same girl I had been greatly amused by in Edinburgh’s NewsRevue.

Adlibbing and jiggling their way through the evening, the cast were both delightful and committed. Paula Masterton was a sexy Scottish delight as “Fairy Muff,” who was concealing a fantastic singing voice under her bouffant of blonde hair. Rachael Born had some hilarious physicality and facial expressions as the concerning humping Tit-Bit and I have to confess my respect and curiosity for the glittery pant wearing Leon Scott, who plays Prince Willie Wontie (he Will-y.)

Miss Dusty ‘O’* provided her fierce drag talents as The Evil Mangelina, who captivated me from start to finish, not least because of her FABULOUS outfits from designer, Twiggy.

Let me be blunt; if you like some adult based cock and tit humour rolled in glitter then you will love this show. It is best to come expecting girth rather than depth.

After downing two wines in the interval I was ready to boo, hiss and curse with the best of them. Sleeping Booty works best when you leave your inhibitions at the door and just engage in a couple of hours of total ridiculous but well performed fun!

Sleeping Booty Leicester Square Theatre Review



* Dusty – I am OUTRAGED that they shut Madame JoJo’s down. I hope you find a new home soon!



Rebecca is a cheeky London lady with a love of theatre, cheese and wine (preferably all at the same time!) She graduated from Goldsmiths (University of London) with a First Class Honours degree in Drama and Theatre Arts and later went on to study for an NCTJ postgraduate diploma in Journalism.


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