17 Nov 2014

Siro A Leicester Square Theatre

Siro ATo say I had no idea what I was letting myself in for when I went to see Siro A at the Leicester Square Theatre this weekend would be an understatement! What I got? A satisfyingly strange performance with a wildly talented group of techno/break dancing/neon/clowns. Sure.

Billed as “Japan’s answer to the Blue Man Group,” Siro A consists of 4 “performers,” one visual artist and one DJ, who each paint their faces white and lead a dynamic hour of fortifying visual theatre.

The show is essentially a series of crazy and colourful vignettes that utilise a variety of technology to portray simple ideas. Particular highlights include a live video stream of a giant hand dwelling in a castle, a “films with words” projection and movement sketch, and some pretty outrageous (but totally clean) audience participation.

The show requires skill and precision from its performers in order to succeed, and that is exactly what is given to it. Each Siro A member is slick and infallible, managing to seamlessly blur the lines between reality and video. Such was their degree of skill, it was almost unbelievable at times!

With echoes of Bauhaus and Dada Theatre, Siro A brings elements of old school modernism and avant-garde theatre to generate a visual mash-up of a whole host of visual concepts. Best of all is that the content of the show is accessible and understandable to adults and children, Japanese and Brits alike, making it a truly multicultural and fully comprehensible experience.

Both weird and wonderful in equal measures, children and adults alike can enjoy this show, making it one of few “child friendly” shows not specifically aimed at youngsters. Furthermore, the concepts explored in the show are truly engaging and innovative, which could be of a real interest to those wishing to experiment with the theatrical form.

I would recommend Siro A to all audiences looking to experience something a little different from the traditional forms of theatre which can be found across London.

Tickets are a reasonable £15 for adults and £10 for children, making this a rare opportunity for a whole family to visit the theatre for around £50!  The show runs at the Leicester Square Theatre and is booking until 11th January 2015.

Siro A Review


P.S – here is a really terrifying picture of me and my boyfriend Will taken by Siro A in their photo both at the theatre after the show. Ahh!

Siro A




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