12 Nov 2014

La Soiree – Southbank Centre Spiegeltent

La Soiree review OfficialTheatreWhat better way to warm yourself and your spirits on a cold wintry evening than a trip to the Southbank’s super cool and super jolly Spiegeltent? If that trip involves a sad clown with the voice of a husky angel, two incredibly British and incredible gorgeous gents, a crazy knife throwing American, a hoola hooping circus queen, a few extremely bendy superhumans, a handful of balls being pinged and ponged from some extremely imaginative places, a sassy strip teasing blonde Spaniard from Croydon, an erotic tale of a man named Slade and a spandex clad middle age gentleman dressed as a rampant rabbit humping a balloon *takes breath* THEN all the better, right? RIGHT!

La Soiree is the umbrella name for a troupe of assorted cabaret performers. The two hour variety show was an absolute treat as well as being a welcome assault to the vast majority of my senses. The whole experience is pretty total from start to finish; you enter an old school style of circus/cabaret tent and sit in a ring to watch performers entertain you. It is perfectly acceptable to order drinks during the show and you even get to mingle with some of the performers during the interval and after the curtain has fallen.

Fun seems to be at the forefront of La Soiree’s ethic and, if you don’t mind letting go of your inhibitions/ seeing the odd tit or two, I can promise you will have an excellent time. I for one thought that, as a seasoned theatregoer, I had seen it all. Performer Ursula Martinez saw to that…I sharn’t say anymore as I would hate to ruin the fun for others!

I am told from fellow theatregoers who have seen this show, now in its tenth year, that it is never the same; audience members are unlikely to catch the same combination of performers again as the show uses a different sequence of entertainers each night. In some ways this makes for a very unique experience at La Soiree, making me feel like I wanted to return again and again so I didn’t miss a trick (I was actually pretty sad I missed Le Gateau Chocolate, who wasn’t on the schedule last night but whom I have heard is excellent!)

La Soiree is a heady mix of cabaret and circus at its best. It will have you gasping in joy, exhilaration and often fear. It will have you enviously lusting after the many well refined and godlike performers (HELLO English Gents!) and squealing in delight and disgust. Best of all for me I think, La Soiree got me truly laughing (Asher Treleaven’s Sexual Gentleman KILLED ME!) I honestly can’t recommend a better night out!

La Soiree runs at the Southbank’s Spiegeltent until Sunday 11th January. Who want’s to take me back for my 26th Birthday on the 7th Jan? Offers welcome!




Rebecca is a cheeky London lady with a love of theatre, cheese and wine (preferably all at the same time!) She graduated from Goldsmiths (University of London) with a First Class Honours degree in Drama and Theatre Arts and later went on to study for an NCTJ postgraduate diploma in Journalism.


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