26 Aug 2014

Michael Flatley and Nadine Coyle Lord of The Dance

Michael Flatley had been dancing up an actual storm over the last 20 years. Since the birth of Riverdance in 1994, Flatley has become a household name and the undisputed “Lord of the Dance.” Whilst his dances shall live on for decades, if not centuries to come, the time has arrived for Flatley to hang up his dancing shoes. Dancing his last on stage performance of his acclaimed career, Flatley bids farewell to his days as the Lord of the Dance at the London Palladium Theatre this Autumn. Bringing his famed Lord of The Dance: Dangerous Games tour to the Palladium (starring Nadine Coyle!!!), Flatley says goodbye in style (in a hail of flames and fantastically flailing legs.

The Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games press launch was a strictly invite only, exclusive breakfast affair. Warm pastries, breakfast baguettes, coffee and Buck’s Fizz greeted us (hello, YES!) and we were able to mingle with a few of our favourite critics and bloggers beforehand, including Andrew from West End Frame, Kate from Plays to See and the fabulous Terri Paddock! We were soon ushered into the auditorium of the Palladium to see a few sequences from the show which, I have to say, looks great! Check out our video below for a sneak peek at the show.

Interview Questions With Michael Flatley and Nadine Coyle

The ever wonderful Terri Paddock led some Q&A Style questions which Michael and Nadine answered to the eager crowd of Arts Journos. Read the answers and quotes below to find out how the pair are feeling ahead of the show, which opens for previews on September 2nd.

Q: This show is set to be your final dance performance?

Michael: “It is my last performance! And what a great place here for me! I have always loved the West End since I was a little boy. I have had a place in London since 1996…it is now an honour to bring new young people, young stars to the stage. They have unbelievable talent and the world needs to see it. I am delighted to bring it to the London Palladium.”

Q: What has been your career high?

Michael: “A couple of things, first of course the night my wife said yes, the night my son was born. Other than that… Being on stage at the Palladium, when the lights go down, when I come on, it is going to be all about that moment. It used to be my dream was to dance in Madison Square Garden in New York, a football stadium, Wembley Arena, and I am delighted I managed to do most of them. Now I bring young stars, and stars they are. My happiness now is to watch them dance.”

Q: [To Nadine] How does it feel to be part of the show?

Nadine: “I am delighted. I have been a fan of Michael and the Lord of the Dance since I first seen it…so the last 20 years. Everything Michael has done just gets better and better every time. When we first met and Michael asked me to be part of the show, I couldn’t believe it. I was on cloud 9 and I still am! Here in the London Palladium singing songs among such amazing cast and creative…I am just so delighted. I can’t thank Michael enough for this opportunity.”

Q: [to Michael] How has the show changed?

Michael: “We never ever thought we’d get far…it doesn’t get bigger than the London Palladium and we’re delighted and honoured to be here. The show has changed quite dramatically since the beginning. There are probably four numbers that are the same. Those are relatively unchanged. The rest of the show is completely new.”

Lord of the Dance collage
Lord of the Dance : Dangerous Games runs at the London Palladium from the 2nd of September to the 25th October.



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