24 Jun 2014

Peter Lockyer Les Miserables

Peter Lockyer head Jean ValjeanBroadway sensation, Peter Lockyer, makes his West End debut in the longest running musical in the world; Les Misérables! Having played the role of Marius on Broadway as part of his early career, Peter has graduated to the daddy of all roles: the one and only JEAN VALJEAN!

I was very excited to interview Peter as, not only is Valjean (in my opinion) THE BEST male character in a musical ever, Peter is a veteran actor making the leap across the pond to London and I wanted to know his thoughts on our fair city! Peter turned out not only to be a talented performer, but an absolute hoot! This has been one of my favourite interviews for Official Theatre to date! Watch the videos below to find out why!

Watch out for

  • At 0.46 Peter highlights the differences between the London and American audiences and at 3 minutes he talks about the differences between two country’s productions.
  • At 1.10 Peter compares Marius to Valjean.
  • At 3.20 discusses his favourite Valjean moment.
  • At 4 minutes Peter discusses his thoughts on the film version of Les Misérables.
  • At 5 minutes Peter discusses his West End debut and what he likes best about London.
  • At 5.56 Peter mentions how he met his wife and his love of the musical Miss Saigon.
  • At 6.25 Peter reveals what female character he would most like to play in Les Misérables! The answer may surprise you!
  • At 6.50 tells us why we should see Les Misérables. He is very convincing!

Five Things You May Not Know About Peter

  1. Peter has played the role of Chris in Miss Saigon on Broadway, which is where he met his wife Melanie who was playing on stage lover, Kim. Let’s say it together shall we….awwwwwah! They went to see the London production together the night before it opened.
  2. Peter and his wife are good friends with the current “Engineer” of the Miss Saigon revival cast, Jon Jon Briones.
  3. Despite what Peter says in the Lightning Round, his favourite colour is actually green, but he said red as it is his wife’s favourite colour and it sprang to his mind first. Sweet.
  4. Not only has Peter starred as BOTH Marius AND Jean Valjean, he has also directed a couple of production of Les Misérables! He says “The show has become part of my DNA”)
  5. Peter thinks that Hugh Jackman (Valjean in the film) would win in a sing off as he is WOLVERINE and could cut him with his claws!

The Lightning Round!

Peter was an absolute treat and we cannot WAIT to see him as Jean Valjean in Les Misérables! The show is running at the Queen’s Theatre where, let’s face it, it will probably be FOREVER! Click here for tickets.




Rebecca is a cheeky London lady with a love of theatre, cheese and wine (preferably all at the same time!) She graduated from Goldsmiths (University of London) with a First Class Honours degree in Drama and Theatre Arts and later went on to study for an NCTJ postgraduate diploma in Journalism.


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