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We were lucky enough to get some inside information on life on the New London Theatre stage as one of the breathtaking horses from new War Horse Pupeteer, James Donovan, a new West End theatre talent.

James Donovan War Horse

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We have been having an absolute hoot so far this summer. And yep, I can officially say it is summer now! YES! To let you know what we have been up to this month and to give you the saucy summer gossip goings on from the world of theatreland! We bring you our insider knowledge from the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Digital Press Night and the Made in Dagenham Press Launch. The common theme seems to be wine! Hallelujah!

Beyond the Red Curtains – June

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London Fringe

It is rare that I go to the theatre with absolutely no idea of what to expect, however this was certainly the case with Mr Burns, the trendy Almeida’s latest success story. Is the play an ode to the Simpsons as one may expect? Well sort of actually; the show is a special blend of bizarre and thought provoking, set in a dystopian future wherein the scripture of a long lost popular television show is treated as an esteemed fable. Was it crazy? Yes. Was it one of the best productions I have ever had the pleasure of sitting through? Most definitely.

Mr Burns Almeida Theatre

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