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We were lucky enough to get some inside information on life on the New London Theatre stage as one of the breathtaking horses from new War Horse Pupeteer, James Donovan, a new West End theatre talent.

James Donovan War Horse

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I have often heard people muster with starry eyes the magical words “I wish my life was more like a musical.” As a person who has a song for everything (EVERYTHING!) and being a lover of generally just prancing about, I can certainly understand this sentiment. However on closer examination, is the world of musical theatre a happy place? I mean look at BLOOD Brothers guys! Not everything can be rectified with a sassy 11o’clock number and some Jazz Hands…

Musicals With Not So Happy Endings

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London Fringe

The best part of summer in the most exciting cultural city in the world (yeah, we may be slightly biased) is that we don’t have to confine our theatrical goings on to the indoors. Snow be gone! This is why the London Wonderground is so perfect! It combines some essential true loves of mine; a fairground, […]

London Wonderground Jamie Macdowell and Tom Thum

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